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Top Home Security with Current Technology

Technology has changed nearly every aspect of our lives. It has changed the way people shop and even to prepare a cup of coffee. You can dehumidify your home while on vacation halfway around the world. Domestic security issues haven’t been left behind in the mix of things. Below is a list top home security with current technology to give you a glimpse of advancements that you can take advantage of in this front.

Remote Surveillance

Remote home surveillance is increasingly getting exciting and affordable in the same breath. All you need is your smartphone and a home security application to pair up a security camera which you can mount …

smartphone screen protector

Does Your Smartphone Really Need a Screen Protector?

Smartphones are expensive, and most users battle with the decision of buying screen protectors or not. A screen protector is a sheet of clear plastic which is adhered to the screen of the smartphone. It is made to fit the shape and design of the phone, leaving room for buttons and speakers. In this guide, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of buying screen protectors and the types to expect in the market to help you make an informed decision.

Changed Appearance

Placing a screen protector between you and the phone’s screen changes how the screen looks. Given how slim phones have become an extra layer is also easily noticeable. …