Tackling big problems has always been the mantra of BitMethod. With Change, we wanted to do just that. Cash registers are expensive, irritating, and difficult to use. So we countered them with an affordable, fun, and simple cash register app.

Change was designed to benefit small businesses like coffee shops, bars and quick-serve restaurants. Read more at

80/35 Mobile - 2012

A large part of Des Moines’ cultural resurgence has centered around the 80/35 music festival. At BitMethod, we were ecstatic to be a part of it. Our second version of the 80/35 app was developed to build on the success we had in 2011. This version introduced a better map of the festival and better handling of stage delays. The app also recognized what day it was and automatically took you to that part of the schedule.

Java Ridge Presents: Warm & Fuzzy

Java Ridge App Home Screen on iOS This project came together in collaboration with the design team at Saturday Mfg. Here’s what Gina Adam, Foreman and copywriting guru at Saturday, had to say about working with us:

“It was fantastic to work with the collaborators at BitMethod. They fully embraced our creative campaign and, based on our idea, the crew developed a smart and dynamic app for our client—all while thinking about the end-user and their experience with the Warm & Fuzzy characters.

The core of the app — available on iOS and Android — is a photobooth with selectable frames featuring fun arrangements of Warm & Fuzzy. Fans were encouraged to submit photos to unlock coupons and enter gift card drawings. The app also includes a GPS-based locator of Kum & Go locations and information about a charitable campaign and the varieties of Java Ridge hot beverages.

Kum & Go Store Locator in the Java Ridge App Camera Preview with Photo Frames in the Java Ridge App Locked Coupon Screen in Java Ridge App Warm & Fuzzy Photobomb Scott in the Java Ridge App Amanda gets 'stached in the Java Ridge App WHOA WHAT IS IN MY COFFEE? - Neil poses with Fuzzy in the Java Ridge App

80/35 Mobile - 2011

80/35 Android BitMethod created iOS and Android apps for 80/35, Des Moines’ premiere summer music festival. We were able to have a lot of fun with this project, and were particularly happy with the fun branding and visual consistency across both platforms. Cool features includes push-notification enabled news alerts and a social favoriting system that lets attendees sort acts by popularity.

Festival organizers can send messages via a custom interface as short headlines or longer articles. Starring bands adds them to a custom schedule. Starring is social. Total stars are added from both iOS and Android, letting users sort by popularity. You can turn push alerts on or off. The app also includes festival information that's useful on the go. We often print wireframes out on paper to mark them up and suggest changes.

SmartyPig Mobile - iOS and Android

Rewards Card Release on Android When the social online savings bank SmartyPig decided to do an app, they turned to BitMethod. Working with SmartyPig’s engineers and style guidelines from Happy Cog, we built an iOS app that was secure, functional, and branded in way that said SmartyPig all over. Since that initial release, we have built a native Android application as well as pushed a major release containing new functionality based on SmartyPig’s Cash Rewards card. SmartyPig iOS | SmartyPig Android

Rewards Card Release on iOS Android Nearby Offers Screen Android Goal Details Screen iOS Nearby Offers Screen List of Goals from Original iOS Release Individual Goal Detail Add Money to a Goal Interface on iOS Successful Money Transfer Screen on original iOS Release Early Sketch of the Passcode Creation Screen Early Sketch of the Transaction History View

Eat Sleep: Simple Baby Tracking

Eat Sleep Pro: Simple Baby Tracking for iOS We scratched our own itch by building Eat Sleep, an iOS app for parents to track a baby’s eating, sleeping, and diaper habits. We designed the app with busy parents in mind. No text entry is required, meaning you can enter all of the important information with just a tap of the thumb while you’re juggling baby, bottles, and more. Read all about it on the Eat Sleep microsite.

ICON - Enlarged View of Pro Version Icon View of "Eat" Entries Notes View on Main Screen Adding a Diaper Entry WIREFRAME - Pen and Paper Wireframe of Main Screen Totals Screen (Pro Version)

Lite Weight

Lite Weight for iOS - View of Home Screen After Entering Weight, Before Confirming A passion project of Neil, our Senior Software Engineer, Lite Weight is a seemingly-simple weight tracking app with a lot of power under the hood. Charts, graphs, and complex math are all hidden away from the user, asking them to simply enter their weight once a day. As time goes on, the app identifies trends and lets the user know if their weight is steady, gaining, or dropping and encourages them to take it easy or step it up, depending on their goal. View site →

Relax View Over View Gaining View

BNO News iPhone App

Push Notification Alert The BNO News app for iOS raised the bar for mobile news alerts. We built a system for the BNO News team, operators of a popular breaking news service on Twitter, to deliver breaking news via iOS’s push notification service. We pioneered features such as the sleep timer that are now commonplace in other push-alert systems. Silicon Valley took notice, and the app was renowned by TechCrunch, Mashable, and ReadWriteWeb, among others. BNO News has since evolved into a B2B wire service, and the app is no longer available.

Push Alert w/ Phone Unlocked In-App Headline View Individual Headline View w/ Details Settings