Learn, Build, Grow - Repeat.

BitMethod is a philosophy for us.

Let us be your guide.

The mobile world can be a scary and intimidating place, but we live and breathe it everyday so you don’t have to. Whether it’s an app idea, an interface design or positioning of your product, let us slave over the details and guide you to the right solution. Here are just a few ways we can help.

Daniel E. Shipton

Dan Shipton CEO

Dan co-founded BitMethod in 2009. The company was born and grew through his stewardship of Impromptu Studio, Des Moines' first coworking community. Dan entered the startup world right out of college and hasn't looked back. He's currently one thesis short of an MS in Human Computer Interaction and has worked in application development and virtual reality for the last 10+ years. dan@bitmethod.com

Favorite topics: emerging technology trends, innovation, startup management

Current talks:

  • Building a Startup Culture

Igor Dobrosavljević

Igor Dobrosavljevic COO

Igor hit the ground running in the world of business, winning the Pappajohn Entrepreneurial business plan competition fresh out of college, and shortly after founding his own successful IT managed services company. He speaks business, tech, project management, and three other actual languages. Igor has a knack for hardware, networking, and keeping software guys on their toes. igor@bitmethod.com

Favorite Topics: operations, small business technology, positivity

Neil Roberts

Neil Roberts Senior Software Engineer

Neil is a Dojo master (unrelated to Kung-Fu) and an accomplished programmer, educator, and author. He's recently developed projects for iOS, Android, and the web. Neil freqeuntly runs JavaScript and iOS training programs for enterprise-level development teams, and has taught at Sun's JavaOne Conference. neil@bitmethod.com

Favorite topics: Ajax, iOS, practical programming

Current talks:

  • Straight Talk About Mobile (w/ team)
  • Hidden in Plain View: A Discussion on Mobile Usability (w/ Amanda)

Amanda Morrow


Amanda wants to make the world less confusing and frustrating by focusing on good design and user experience. Her goal is to one day see humans and machines peacefully coexist without trying to kill one another.


Favorite topics: user interface design, designing for startups, design strategy and software

Current talks:

  • Straight Talk About Mobile (w/ team)
  • Approaching a Mobile App Redesign
  • Hidden in Plain View: A Discussion on Mobile Usability (w/ Neil)