Learn, Build, Grow - Repeat.

BitMethod is a philosophy for us.

Let us be your guide.

The mobile world can be a scary and intimidating place, but we live and breathe it everyday so you don’t have to. Whether it’s an app idea, an interface design or positioning of your product, let us slave over the details and guide you to the right solution. Here are just a few ways we can help.

The Man vs. Mobile Mobile Product Strategy

You’re ready to embark on your mobile adventure, but you just need a little advice and some tips on where to go. This is a great place to start whether you have a full-fledged product or just an idea. We’ll review your current mobile presence and other online assets as well as business needs and user base then we’ll explore all your possibilities. Once we have a better idea of the general landscape, we’ll provide recommendations and a clearer path for you to pursue.

The Park Ranger Beacon Mobile User Experience and User Interface Strategy

If you’ve already ventured into the wilderness and need a bit of help, we can figure out where you’re located and guide you through the rough spots. We’ll review your existing mobile interface, provide honest feedback while recommending ways to get the most out of your current project.

The Great Midwestern Mobile Design Experience Mobile User Experience and User Interface Design

Once you know where you’re going, we’ll guide you through the woods and set you up with everything you need to build an awesome camp site. We’ll identify your user’s needs, sweat over all the little details and then design the interface and user experience for your product. We’ll equip you with design assets, a detailed spec document and recommendations to move forward.

The Davy Crockett School of Programming Private Training

Drawing from our experience building kick-ass mobile applications, our training workshops introduce students to our mobile philosophy and provide the tools, resources and real-life examples for building well-crafted applications. We can (and generally do) customize each workshop experience based on your needs and budget.

iOS Development (4 days)
This course provides a functional and in-depth exploration of the development of native iOS applications.

Android Development (4 days)
This course provides a functional and in-depth exploration of the development of native Android applications.

Interactive Web (4 days)
Explore the emerging behaviors of interactive sites on the web and the accompanying expectations of their users.

Looking for something specific? Shoot us an email to training@bitmethod.com and we’ll work with you to hopefully provide the training you need.