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BitMethod is a group of mobile craftsmen who swoon over well-made apps and love finding ways to make complex things simple. We know at the core of every good product is a problem that desperately needs solved.

Since 2009, we’ve designed and built mobile products for incredible companies such as SmartyPig, the 80/35 Music Festival, and Kum & Go. We’ve also released a few that scratched our own itches: Eat Sleep and Lite Weight.

Our goal has always been to do more than just craft mobile experiences for others. We want to see the community around us grow. This is why we created the “BitMethod Field Guide To Modern Business,” a manifesto of sorts, and “The Flyover Effect,” a podcast about startups, design, and the Internet.

We’ve learned so much while building things for others, but ultimately, we wanted to build something for ourselves. So when we were approached with the idea of building a cash register replacement for the iPad, we couldn’t pass it up. Thus, Change was born.

In 2012, we decided to put the pedal to the metal and pursue Change full-time. You can even read about our pivot in Inc. Magazine. We haven’t looked back since.

If you want to continue following our journey, visit change.io to see how we’re spreading happiness one transaction at a time.

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