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Introducing Brick by Brick

by Dan Shipton in , 11 May 2010

On behalf of the BitMethod team I’d like to introduce everyone to our new blog: Brick by Brick. Brick by Brick will be a regular outlet for our team to share bits of knowledge that we have picked up along our journey. Topics that we will touch on include technology, business philosophy, company announcements and even a bit about our lives. Brick by Brick will be an outlet for our team members to speak their minds while sharing their goals, dreams and aspirations both personally and professionally.

Our goal is to educate and share wisdom. Each person on our team makes a point to learn something new every single day. We are dedicated to leaving the world a better place than when we found it and are quite excited to share our journey with everyone.

We have some diverse content already lined up so I ask that you take a minute to add our RSS feed to your favorite reader. While you are at it, sign up for our newsletter so we can clue you in as we release awesomeness into the world.

On deck we have posts about chasing perfection, the intersection of engineering and usability and eliminating complexity. If there is something you are dying for us to write about then please leave a comment and we’ll get on it! I hope you stay tuned!

Daniel E. Shipton

About the author: Dan is constantly pushing to make interactive products simple and easy to use. He won't stop digging until he finds that sweet spot where design, development and message come together to create an amazing experience for the user.

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