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Design+Tech: Mini SketchCamp DSM

by Amanda Morrow in , 30 December 2011

Oh boy, Design+Tech is going to be a good one this month. We’re following in the footsteps of San Francisco, Chicago and Milwaukee by putting on our own mini version of SketchCamp, an un-conference focused on sketching techniques.

Two awesome speakers will show us how there is so much more to sketching than just doodling. If you can hold a marker or a pen, you can sketch. This event is for everyone.

Our first speaker is Jocelyn Wallace, founder and owner of Red Eleven Group, LLC. She works with business owners, visionaries and team leaders to help them solve problems using visual strategies. Jocelyn will introduce us to a technique called visual translation which focuses on taking what you hear and creating it in a visual form.

Our second speaker is Ron Wagner, a comic book artist and illustrator. Ron has drawn G.I. Joe, The Punisher, Nth Man, and don’t forget, BATMAN. He will walk us through his process and show us how he uses sketching and illustrations to tell a story.

So bring your favorite writing utensils and join us for Mini SketchCamp DSM!


When: Wednesday, January 4 at 7 p.m.

Where: BitMethod HQ - 418 6th Ave, Suite 1210, Des Moines IA 50309

This event is free and no RSVP is required, but if you want, you can let everyone know you are attending on the Meetup page or Facebook.

Questions? Send me an email to me at

Amanda Morrow

About the author: Amanda wants to make the world a less confusing and frustrating place by focusing on good design and user experience. Her goal is to one day see humans and machines peacefully coexist without trying to kill one another.

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