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Book Review - A Project Guide to UX Design

by Dan Shipton in , 12 April 2012

Our good friend Russ Unger recently sent us a copy of his newly released book “A Project Guide to UX Design,” co-authored by Carolyn Chandler. Now in its second edition, this book is packed full of little UX gold nuggets. If you’re looking for an awesome guide to help you design user experiences, it would be “A Project Guide to UX Design.”

Russ and Carolyn provide several strategies for tackling the user experience of projects both big and small. For every step of the process, they dish out advice on incorporating research, workflow analysis, personas and insight on how to build things.

Right away, the book claims to not be the “one way” of tackling a project. This is refreshing. Instead of acting as an instruction manual, the chapters read more as helpful words of wisdom on how to improve your existing processes. BitMethod was able to practice a few of these techniques from the wireframing and prototyping sections right away.

Russ and Carolyn also do a great job of defining the typical user experience deliverables. They explain why some are more important than others, depending on the project, and how to use them as a way of proving the value of user experience to the client.

Whether you’re new to user experience or want to find ways of improving upon your current process, “A Project Guide to UX Design” is a great comprehensive text. You get an idea of all the elements involved in user experience and some great perspective on how to approach your next project.

Daniel E. Shipton

About the author: Dan is constantly pushing to make interactive products simple and easy to use. He won't stop digging until he finds that sweet spot where design, development and message come together to create an amazing experience for the user.

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