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BitMethod's Upcoming 80/35 Sprint Weekend

by BitMethod in , 19 April 2012

Recently, we've had a lot of people express interest in not only what we do at BitMethod, but how we do it. They often want to learn more about our process and what goes into creating mobile apps. If you’re one of these people, we have some good news for you.

Remember those apps we made last year for the 80/35 music festival? Well, July is quickly approaching and we're ready to update the crap out of those things, but this time, we want to share our process with others.

If you're interested in participating in our upcoming 80/35 Sprint Weekend, shoot us an email ( Tell us a little about yourself and how you would be able to contribute throughout the weekend (design, writing, programming, etc).

This is free to participants and will take place April 27-29.

Please Note: Depending on the response, we might not be able to invite everyone to participate (we will have to get some work done that weekend); however, we're hoping to share this experience with as many people as we can.

About the author: We are mobile experts. We help people design and build useful mobile apps. We swoon over well-made interactive products and love finding ways to make complex things simple.

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