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A Change of Focus

by Dan Shipton in , 19 March 2012

After spending the past three years honing our skills and refining our processes while building mobile apps for others, BitMethod is ready to move forward and conquer the world!

From here on out, we’re switching it up and focusing all our development efforts on our flagship product, a point of sale system called Change. We’re excited to use the knowledge we’ve gained from working with our amazing clients to now empowering independent business owners.

The point of sale industry is experiencing an earthquake of disruption and we want to be right there with bulldozers ready to knock down the old, dated ways of managing your establishment.

However, we know there are still quite a few people looking for us to guide them through their next mobile project. The good news is we’re not abandoning our quest to make the mobile atmosphere a better place. If you need help working through an idea or need your product designed, we’ll still be available to help you or your clients.

So stop fretting over that app idea or who you’re going to find to design it, and give us a call or shoot us an email. If you happen to be in the market for a new cash register or point of sale system, we can help with that too.

Daniel E. Shipton

About the author: Dan is constantly pushing to make interactive products simple and easy to use. He won't stop digging until he finds that sweet spot where design, development and message come together to create an amazing experience for the user.

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