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It’s here! After incubating our pos system, Change the past few months in our nest atop the Liberty Building, we are finally ready to deliver a bouncing new baby point of sale system to Mars Cafe. Not only are we celebrating the birth of a new product, but BitMethod is also turning three. This means there will be lots of cake!

Come join us next Thursday, May 17th, from 6:30pm-8:30pm, at Mars Cafe, as we bring our first version of Change into the world and introduce it to its happy new family. To give everyone a chance to see Change in action, Mars is working on some sweet beer specials just for the occasion. Mars Cafe is determined to make our birthday extra happy. They’ll be running Happy Hour prices all night! $2.50 on select beers.

We wouldn’t have made it this far without all your support, so stop by, grab a drink, and come celebrate with us! Also, free cake. Don’t forget the cake.

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Daniel E. Shipton

About the author: Dan is constantly pushing to make interactive products simple and easy to use. He won't stop digging until he finds that sweet spot where design, development and message come together to create an amazing experience for the user.

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With yesterday’s release of the Netflix iPhone app I got really excited about having some additional entertainment options on my phone. It also reminded me I’ve been getting a lot of my entertainment on my iPod from small and independent content creators for a while now.

I spend a lot of my time on the road and I’ve found an iPod loaded up with Podcasts and connected to my car stereo is an infinitely better way to entertain myself than listening to a song playing on the radio for the 567th time (not to mention safer than watching a Netflix movie).

Just recently I realized it’s been a while since I’ve added a new podcast to my library so I did what any sensible person would do and turned to my office mates for some suggestions. Other than Scott suggesting I add The Nerdist (Podcast Link) to my list, all I heard were crickets. So I am turning to you, the interwebs, for some guidance.

What are some great podcasts I should start listening to while on the road? I am into both entertainment and educational stuff so leave your suggestions in the comments section bellow.

To get the ball rolling I am going to leave you with a list of Podcasts I am currently subscribed to.

  • This Week in Tech (Podcast Link): I am still listening to this show for sheer nostalgia reasons. I started following Leo Laporte back in his TechTV days and the show is more than adequate to pass the time in your car.
  • Security Now (Podcast Link): This is another podcast from the TWiT network and features Steve Gibson, the über paranoid computer security geek. Caution, this show gets really technical at times and once in a while even my brain just decides to shut it out and glance over some of the things Steve is talking about.
  • This Week in Startups (Podcast Link): I started listening to this one because of Jason Calacanis’s colorful public persona, however the more I listen to him the more I get annoyed by it. The reason you should start listening to this show however are the guests they bring on every week. The stories they tell about their startups are fascinating to me and the main reason I wanted to immigrate to the states in the first place.
  • StackOverflow (Podcast Link): Joel Spolsky (Fog Creek Software) and Jeff Attwood (Coding Horror) talk shop in this podcast series centered on their latest startup StackExchange. They haven’t released a new episode since April but in one of the last episodes they did release they were talking about eventually starting to record again, in the meantime you can listen to the archive of old episodes, there is a lot of good stuff there.


Igor Dobrosavljević

About the author: Igor speaks business, tech, project management, and three other actual languages. He has a knack for hardware, networking, and keeping software guys on their toes.

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Hey Everyone! I’m Amanda and I’m here to introduce myself to all you BitMethod fans out there. That’s me as Leslie Hall for Halloween last year. Pretty good, right?

I was brought onto the team to be a design machine, like a robot who shoots awesome designs at all projects in its path. I’m also proud to be the first female to join the staff, which means I’m fluent in nerd and “talkin’ ‘bout guy stuff.”

I’m originally from a small town in Iowa where my childhood was reminiscent of “The Field of Dreams.” I grew up with corn AND a baseball field in my backyard. After high school, I moved to the big city (Des Moines) to go to Grand View University, where I studied journalism, graphic design and public relations.

After college, I worked at The Des Moines Register where I was given the task of developing merchandise for one of Iowa’s greatest events: RAGBRAI. Even though I didn’t ever end up meeting Lance Armstrong, it was awesome to meet people from all over the world who would tell me how much they loved Iowa.

My strengths are graphic design, writing and marketing, but I also dabble in a little HTML and CSS. As for all the other essential information, I’m a vegan with a horrible sweet tooth. I’m deathly afraid of Mogwais and in my free time, I enjoy collecting fonts, seeking out photos of obnoxiously adorable animals and teaching my wiener dog how to ride a skateboard.

I’ve been into design for a long time, but I’m fairly new to the tech industry so I would love to hear what everyone is working on. Feel free to follow me on twitter at @amandamorrow.

Amanda Morrow

About the author: Amanda wants to make the world a less confusing and frustrating place by focusing on good design and user experience. Her goal is to one day see humans and machines peacefully coexist without trying to kill one another.

Reach out to Amanda Morrow at

The BitMethod team have had our noses to the grindstone the past few months and it’s really paying off! With just over a year under our belt, we’re already privileged to be able to expand our team and welcome two new members to the BitMethod family: Amanda Morrow and Scott Kubie.

Amanda ( @amandamorrow ) joins our team as an Interactive Designer. She’ll be focused on taking our words, ideas and napkin sketches and turning them into visual realities. She’s got her head down now learning all the ins and outs of the Apple design specs and we look forward to the fresh perspective she’ll bring to our projects.

Scott ( @scottrocketship ) joins the company as our new Creative Strategist. He’ll be focused on the execution of creative projects and will continue the work he began as a freelancer in finding the right voice and putting words to paper for all things BitMethod.

Combined, Amanda and Scott will also focus on getting Dan to eat more vegetables.

Keep an eye on Brick by Brick as Amanda and Scott will both be saying their own hello here on the blog in the next few days. In the meantime, feel free to give them a shout on Twitter or drop a hello in the comments!

Daniel E. Shipton

About the author: Dan is constantly pushing to make interactive products simple and easy to use. He won't stop digging until he finds that sweet spot where design, development and message come together to create an amazing experience for the user.

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On behalf of the BitMethod team I’d like to introduce everyone to our new blog: Brick by Brick. Brick by Brick will be a regular outlet for our team to share bits of knowledge that we have picked up along our journey. Topics that we will touch on include technology, business philosophy, company announcements and even a bit about our lives. Brick by Brick will be an outlet for our team members to speak their minds while sharing their goals, dreams and aspirations both personally and professionally.

Our goal is to educate and share wisdom. Each person on our team makes a point to learn something new every single day. We are dedicated to leaving the world a better place than when we found it and are quite excited to share our journey with everyone.

We have some diverse content already lined up so I ask that you take a minute to add our RSS feed to your favorite reader. While you are at it, sign up for our newsletter so we can clue you in as we release awesomeness into the world.

On deck we have posts about chasing perfection, the intersection of engineering and usability and eliminating complexity. If there is something you are dying for us to write about then please leave a comment and we’ll get on it! I hope you stay tuned!


Daniel E. Shipton

About the author: Dan is constantly pushing to make interactive products simple and easy to use. He won't stop digging until he finds that sweet spot where design, development and message come together to create an amazing experience for the user.

Reach out to Dan Shipton at